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Hello dear visitor. Do you want to make any inquiries about the brand D RHOCK? Do you want to book D RHOCK for a show? Whatever it is you can reach my management via the contact details below and we will respond as soon as possible. 


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D RHOCK - Give Me Life. Lyrics

Hello guys... So in my previous post where I announced the release of Give Me Life I said little about how the song came about. Well, the song came out of pain and fantasies, song's actually deeper than you think. (I'll explain that later in future) But for now let me actually share with you the words to the song itself.

Download: D RHOCK - Give Me Life Officially Released!

Well, i am posting this myself, i am glad to announce my very first official single has been released today.

I don't believe in the term "Good Music" cos I believe every music is good in as much it passes no 'negative message' but judging by what you believe to be good music I can tell you for sure you are gonna like this one.

This is a song i wrote out of pain,passion and my mood at the time of writing.
Give Me Life talks about myself,my wishes,desires, mortality, sex, charity and life in general.

D Rhock's Available Promo Pics

As i drop my official debut single "Give Me Life" i figured some promo pics had to be made available online for the media.
Sorry the pictures are not really of recent, they were taken about a year ago but you know there's been little or no changes to my looks so check them out below:
BTW most of them are not yet edited.